As a commentator, you will be responsible for voicing every detail of the game to the masses watching. You will be required to demonstrate and share your expert knowledge as well as be able to analyze the game as it is happening. You should be able to share your personality to create a recognizable and beloved image for yourself.

You will be required to:

  • Present clearly and concisely
  • Perform well under pressure
  • Be versatile
  • Be informative
  • Have an excellent understanding of the game
  • Be humorous

There are a number of huge personalities in the commentary world, and perhaps what makes them so successful is the personalities and interactions they have. Examples of commentators at the highest level are Martin Tyler, Gary Neville, and Clive Tyldesley.

To become a commentator, you will need to first gain a degree in fields involving communications, broadcasting, or journalism. Some exciting courses for aspiring commentators are hosted by UCFB and allow students exclusive access to existing commentators as well as matchday commentary classes. A link is posted below.

UCFB Sports broadcasting

After you have attained your degree, you will begin to build up your work experience portfolio. This may involve volunteering for local clubs or hosting your own shows on other media outlets such as YouTube. Another good avenue is to try and get onto an internship, where you can gain excellent experience with the possibility of being offered a job upon completion.

It’s important to document your work so that you can share it with others and create a network that will open up opportunities for you.

There is no set pay for commentators, it comes down to what organizations are willing to offer to recruit you. It may be that when you first start, you work for free to build your portfolio of work. However, at the top of the commentary world, current recruiters such as Sky, BT, and Amazon offer commentators and pundits huge salaries, with some in excess of £1,000,000.

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