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Having only attained university status in 2011, NTUS is fairly new on the scene as a reputable haven for young, curious minds. But even before then, there’s been no altering the definition of their ethos. They made it clear, ever since they sprouted as a college in 1961, the plans they had to develop physical education.  

It wasn’t just forming and establishing a work ethic among students, they also wanted to nurture their personalities and strengthen their minds. Ensuring hardened integrity to serve the community through a selfless character.   

It’s a place which wants to take all of its splendid scenery and amazing cultural qualities and make a real splash on the international scene. By combining authentic street food with modern technology and cities to provide an experience that’s both a step into the unknown and welcoming. 


At the university, there are many varsity sports and as you can imagine, this being Taiwan, they’re very proud to present as part of their traditions exciting martial arts opportunities to their students. Like Jodo and Taekwondo, each comes with training classes and casual sparring if you’re not attuned with your inner, combative energies.  

There’s a huge diversity of sports on show, with basketball, baseball, badminton and rugby union being some of the most popular. This isn’t surprising as it’s been described as a melting pot for the diverse influx of food, sports, and architecture. 


  • Yang Yung-Wei, who placed second at the 2020 Summer Olympics securing the silver of the three very coveted medals 
  • Yang Chun-Han won gold in the 2017 Summer Universiade, an international competition for university athletes 
  • Their extremely cultural Lion and Dragon Dance team in Taiwan, having won many gold medals at the Asian and World Championships 


If you see any Taiwanese students getting frequently injured a study was done in 2019 about their specialised sports training. It’s stated that, due to current demand and pressure on sporting quality, many young children are introduced to specialised training prematurely. This can lead to an increase in injury frequency and many muscular and fibre strains that have retired athletes early.   

The effects of western influences run ripe in Taiwan ever since the Japanese occupation in WWII, with American sports basketball and baseball being some of the two most popular sports on the island. These sports have really taken off, featuring their own professional national leagues. 

Some Taiwanese players have even gone on to play those sports across the Pacific in America. Chein-Ming Wang was a pitcher who played for the New York Yankees. He’s the most famous example of westernised Taiwanese sports culture providing a career path in a Western country.  


If you’re a student who’s looking to stretch your boundaries and percolate your mind, enriching your outlook on the world, then Taiwan isn’t a bad place to do that. In fact, we’d argue it’s one of the most endearing and enlightening journeys you could ever walk. 

It’s like Duolingo in real life, where you’re subject to new things but the ever-friendly people and help guides supply that “parent letting go of a child’s bike for the first time” experience. You can’t help but smile as you’re scooting away being able to hold conversations with locals and really scratch beneath being just a tourist. 

So, if you’re looking to spice up valuable learning in the classroom with immersive and life-enduring experiences from outside the campus, mark the National Taiwan University of Sport on your shortlist. 

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