In this series, we are going to look at the financial support available to athletes from different universities. Especially when following a sports career, it can be difficult to fund both studies and athletic pursuits. Therefore, many universities offer talented and promising student-athletes financial aid through scholarships. In this article, we are going to be looking at University of Bath. 


The University of Bath was recognized and given its royal charter in 1966 and has since ranked highly as a top UK university. The university is known for its outstanding research and teaching as well as helping students progress after graduation. This is demonstrated by their SET squared partnership with other universities including Bristol, and Southampton. SET squared is a network helping to give students all they need to develop their own start-ups. This university partnership has helped to raise £1 billion to support students’ dreams of starting businesses. 

Outside of academic excellence and support for homegrown student businesses, the university has strong sporting roots. In 2004 the university created the sports training village, which has helped both student and professional athletes to reach their sporting goals. The university regularly ranks highly in many universities sporting competitions and has excellent sports science opportunities, earning itself the number 2 spot as the best sports science university in the UK. 


Bath has a range of sporting facilities available to its athletes. 

  • 50m pool 
  • Hydrotherapy pool 
  • Ice baths 
  • Gym 
  • Martial arts area 
  • Pentathlon shooting hall 
  • Squash courts 
  • Indoor tennis courts 
  • Indoor athletics facilities 
  • Artificial football / rugby / hockey pitches 
  • Athletics track 
  • Grass football / lacrosse / rugby pitches 
  • Tennis / volleyball / basketball / netball courts 

As well as it sporting facilities, Bath has ‘The Edge’ arts centre. This is for students looking to express their creative sides and includes access to various galleries, exhibitions, theatres and art studios. 


The university has a total of 10 varying sport scholarships available to talented student athletes. To gain a scholarship, students must: 

  • Show ability to perform at elite level internationally 
  • Be studying or have been accepted into the University of Bath 
  • Represent the university in competition 
  • Be recommended by a coach or have been scouted by a university coach 
  • Meet the criteria for the team Bath dual career program 

Students who receive the scholarship will need to reapply annually and if successful will be entitled to between £1000 – £5000 per annum. This is to help with general training costs, such as things like physiotherapy treatment, travel, nutrition etc. 

Along with its excellent sporting facilities and multiple available scholarships, the University of Bath is an excellent choice to aspiring student athletes. 

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