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You might have recently graduated with a sports science degree and are looking to make your first steps into the working world but are unsure how to do so and if your qualification allows access to these opportunities.  This article, focusing on the role of a higher education lecturer, is part of a series outlining top sport science job roles, avenues to get into them, and any other relevant information for students looking to progress in their careers.

Higher Education Lecturer

Higher education lecturers share their sports science expertise and knowledge with students. They will deliver lectures, seminars, and tutorials and be responsible for creating and assessing students’ coursework and exams. Outside of teaching, they will look to carry out and publish research in their specialized field. They will also look to collaborate with other higher education institutes and carry out other administrative duties such as student admissions.  

Often educators will have worked previously in their chosen fields of expertise and moved into teaching from that. For the majority of jobs listed in this article, this is a possible outcome. When moving into the role, educators will aim to develop their teaching skills and work very independently to deliver knowledge to students. As experience is gained, the opportunity to take on more responsibility is offered in roles such as professor or dean. There will also be opportunities to work as an examiner or academic author.   

Dependent on the university and the educator’s expertise, starting salaries can range from £33,000 to £50,000. At the senior level, this can increase to between £40,000 to £60,000. At top universities and lecturing at a professional level, educators can be paid £100,000 and above.  

To be able to do the role, educators will be required to have a degree in the relevant subject and normally also a PhD. Alongside this, educators will also have completed multiple years in their specific area. It may be that educators deliver lectures and seminars as part of their work experience whilst completing their PhD.   

 Entry level earnings Average salary Ultimate earning potential 
Higher Education Lecturer £33,000 £40,000 to £60,000 £100,000 (Specialist at a top University)  

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