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You might have recently graduated with a sports science degree and are looking to make your first steps into the working world but are unsure how to do so and if your qualification allows access to these opportunities.  This article, focusing on school PE teachers, is part of a series outlining top sport science job roles, avenues to get into them, and any other relevant information for students looking to progress in their careers.

School PE Teacher

Secondary school teachers are responsible for educating the next generation. Teachers’ day-to-day involves teaching students aged 11-16, planning lessons, marking, and aiming to help students in any way possible.  

Aside from actual teaching, teachers will be expected to stay up to date with the curriculum, communicate with guardians, complete extra training, undergo evaluation, and carry out assemblies and meetings.  

Teachers can progress into a number of roles. It may be that they progress into management positions such as head of a year, head of a department, deputy head, or even headteacher. Teachers may also segue into other roles such as educating fellow teachers on their expertise, advising ad consulting, carrying out Ofsted inspections, and managing examination administration. There are also opportunities to move into different areas of education such as special needs learning.  

Rates of pay will vary depending on a teacher’s role (e.g., head of department, management, etc.) as well as the type of school (e.g., private or public). 

There are several avenues that can be taken to get into teaching. To be a teacher you will need to have gained a degree and qualified teacher status (QTS). Options for teaching include; undergraduate BA/BSc Hons with QTS, postgraduate certificate in education, or salaried teacher training.  

Students that choose to take the undergraduate path will focus on their chosen subject and learn how to effectively communicate the knowledge they acquire onto students. Typically, the course takes three years to complete and the requirements are either BCC-CCC at A level or MMM and up at BTEC level.  

Students looking to undergo a post-graduate degree will complete a postgraduate certificate in education (PGCE). This approach combines a placement and theoretical approach to training aspiring teachers. The course runs for 9 months and is known for its intensity. Upon completion, participants often find jobs as employers see the placement as excellent experience. To be eligible for the degree, participants are required to have an undergraduate degree (relevant to the subject) and at least a C/4 at GCSE in English and maths.  

Alternatively, students can learn on the job and be paid a salary as well. Courses typically run for 1 to 2 years and upon completion, participants are often awarded a PGCE. To be eligible for this course, participants will need a 2:2 or even a 2:1 in some cases and a grade of C/4 in GCSE maths and English.   

 Entry level earnings Average salary Ultimate earning potential 
Secondary School PE Teacher £25,714 £36,961 £117,197  (Head teacher) 

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