In this series, we are going to look at the financial support available to athletes from different universities. Especially when following a sports career, it can be difficult to fund both studies and athletic pursuits. Therefore, many universities offer talented and promising student-athletes financial aid through scholarships. In this article, we are going to be looking at University of Manchester. 


The university of Manchester is known for being one of the most successful universities in the world. During its time, the university and its students have achieved incredible things, such as being the first to split an atom and creating the contraceptive pill. The university is also known for its outstanding teaching and being a producer of worldwide research and literature. These accomplishments and continued pursuits of excellence have led to the university being awarded the 27th spot on the world university rankings. 

The university currently has the largest student community in the UK, boasting 40,000 students, from nearly every country on the planet. An estimated 200 languages are spoken across Manchester, making it a multicultural and diverse city. Students that graduate from the university joins a huge 500,000 community of Manchester alumni, including actor Benedict Cumberbatch.  93% of students have gone on to find employment in the first 6 months after their graduation. 


The university of Manchester has a range of sporting facilities available to its athletes and students. Available are: 

  • Aquatics centre 
  • Squash / tennis / basketball / netball / volleyball courts 
  • Gym areas 
  • Dance and fitness studios 
  • Climbing walls 
  • Indoor tennis courts 
  • Dedicated 5 side pitches 
  • Grass rugby / football / cricket pitches 
  • Artificial football / rugby / hockey pitches 

The Campus includes the University green, which has access to a variety of street foods and provides an outdoor social area for students. Manchester University students also have access to a range of museums, including Manchester and Whitworth Museum. 


The first scholarship is aimed at students who compete at least at UK Junior National Level or for students on a recognised Sport England pathway. They will need to be able to demonstrate their ability, as well as show commitment towards personal excellence. For example, they will need to show an ability to study and participate at a high level and embrace learning and personal development.   

Beneficiaries of the scholarship will receive up to £1500 annually to help with training costs. They will also receive an array of benefits, including: 

  • Annual gym pass 
  • 1-2-1 session with professional strength and conditioning coaches 
  • Physiotherapy sessions 
  • Mentoring for general life and competition issues 
  • Sports scholarship kit 
  • Opportunity to represent the University as an ambassador 
  • Access to workshops. 

The second scholarship available is the Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS). This is a scheme that is run by Sport England and partnered with by universities such as Manchester. It is available to 15 Manchester students annually and can be reapplied for each year. To be able to gain the scholarship, students must have performed at an international level. Students that are awarded the scholarship are given £3500 towards sporting costs such as; Strength and conditioning, physiotherapy, lifestyle support, medical insurance, and competition expenses. 

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