Technology has touched every aspect of human existence, from everyday life to work and even play. It is emerging as a game-changer for professional sports, making things better for the players, officials, organisers, and spectators alike. From enhancing performance to enabling fairer decisions and elevating the viewing experiences, there is a lot that new-age technologies can deliver. There are even solutions that improve player safety in the field, modernise equipment, and make viewers understand the games better. It becomes imperative to know more about innovations that are making it big in the sporting landscape. Here are some popular technologies that are transforming sports.


Wearable tech is here to stay, as even common people are becoming more health-conscious than ever. Professional sportspersons are using sensor-powered wearable devices to closely track their performance metrics like distance covered, timing, and calories burnt. These devices also maintain records of fitness metrics such as pulse rate, hydration, blood pressure, and temperature. The data serves useful insights that wearers can utilise for enhancing their performance and improving fitness levels.


The hawk-eye technology has been around for more than a decade, and it is evolving for the better. The system uses multiple high-end cameras above the field to track and analyse the flight and trajectory of the ball in sports such as cricket, football, baseball, rugby, and lawn tennis. It enables the match referee to make more accurate decisions even without a good view during the game.


Like hawk-eye tech, instant replay is a tried and tested technology that is here to stay. It offers a replay of the missed moments so that officials can get a second perspective and make error-free decisions. American football, rugby, soccer, cricket, and combat sports are some areas that leverage instant video replays to their advantage. The best part is that they need not validate these decisions as no one can challenge the visuals recorded by TV cameras in real-time.


A relatively new technology, Virtual Reality is fast-gaining popularity in sporting circles. VR equipment is great for training because it helps coaches and trainers assess the reaction times of players with simulation so that they can work on improving them for real situations.  Some teams and sports are even using VR headsets to improve visualisation, mental learning, and decision-making for the players.


When it comes to listing technological advancements in sports, safety devices deserve a special mention. The HANS (Head and Neck Support) device is one of the noteworthy innovations that have significantly curbed the risk in motorsports. The device safeguards a driver from traumatic head injuries during fatal accidents on the track. The National Football League uses special helmets to protect athletes from head and neck injuries due to falls and collisions on the field.

Embracing technology does not remain a choice for the industry as it promises safety, entertainment, and fairness in games. Players and teams that miss out on innovation are likely to lose the race sooner or later. It is vital to keep pace with the latest and the best applications and tools and start using them when they are here.

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