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Sports Agents: Career Spotlight by LurnSports

A sports agent is primarily responsible for representing professional athletes and negotiating contracts with teams on their behalf. They also handle marketing and public relations, sponsorships, and financial planning for their clients. It is a good career option for someone who wants to work in the professional sports landscape but does not have the skills and capabilities to be on the ground. Rather, one can offer expertise in negotiations along with legal guidance and financial planning aspects. The career brings the opportunity to work with high-profile athletes with contracts running in million-dollar figures.


There is no formal degree for aspirants in this career field. But agents typically require at least a bachelor’s degree because of the competitive nature of the industry. Professionals who aspire to reach the top look for a master’s degree in sports, law, and/or business. Here are the typical recommendations in educational requirements for this career field:

A Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in sports management

A business degree to develop skills necessary for navigating the business side of sports

A law degree to help with legal contracts and endorsement negotiations

Apart from the formal education, sports agents need to be certified with the league or players association their client competes in. The certifications vary among leagues, so one needs to know the norms before collaborating with players.


Interest in sports is the starting point of building a career as a sports agent. One must possess the highest level of knowledge about the chosen client’s sport and the landscape as well. Additional skills required in this field include:

  • Effective time management that helps in completing negotiations and closing contracts in a timely manner
  • Negotiation skills that make them capable of doing the best for the interests of their clients
  • Strong communication skills for dealing with clients, team owners, lawyers, and companies seeking endorsements
  • Promotional skills to market the clients and get them endorsements
  • Networking skills to land clients and build connections with the right people and companies
  • Analytical skills to analyse and understand the specifics of contracts, endorsement deals, and other financial documents
  • Awareness of legal, business, and commercial norms in the field


The career field is gaining prominence as professional athletes across different sports look for representatives to handle their contracts, finances, and endorsements. There is big money floating around for agents who can collaborate with elite and high-profile players who enter multi-million dollar contracts. One can start by seeking employment opportunities with reputed sports management agencies to gain first-hand experience in the landscape. There is also the option of setting up one’s agency from the start or after gaining some experience and confidence.

Jorge Mendes


UK- £26000 per annum | USA- $51156 per annum
Canada- $48,986 per annum | Australia- $72500 per annum

A career in a sports agency is an excellent option for individuals looking to explore the business side of sports. Breaking into the industry is relatively easy for people with the right connections, such as ex-players and athletes. However, fresh aspirants can also find good opportunities with relevant marketing and networking skills. While the financial rewards are immense, the field promises exciting experiences for those aspiring to enter the world of fast-paced professional sports.


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