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Esports refers to organised competitions where gamers, both amateur and professional, compete for a cash prize. These video games may be one-on-one or multiplayer options. The most popular include the Call of Duty franchise, FIFA and Madden NFL.

Dota 2 and CS: GO are renowned for their high-value prices and biggest crowds. Esports go beyond video gaming as they involve skill and professionalism, much like any other sport played in the field. Apart from professional gamers, there are several career options in the domain. These include game designer, software developer, host, admin or referee, coach, content creator, social media manager, agent, marketing executive, production crew, and event manager. Aspirants looking to enter the industry can pick the option that matches their skills and preferences.


While one can enter the industry as a gamer without a formal educational degree, a degree in esports can be a major success factor. The domain is growing, and some global educational institutions are coming up it professional courses in esports. These include Staffordshire University (UK), Robert Morris University (USA), Informatics Academy (Singapore), and the Asian Institute of Gaming and Animation.


Esports offers two types of careers- for professional players and others who are a part of the supporting infrastructure. Here are the steps one can follow to enter the industry as a gamer:

  • Find the niche and game of choice
  • Learn tactics and techniques by watching live streams and video tutorials
  • Build a network of contacts, including experienced gamers
  • Utilize social media and specialised forums
  • Attend tournaments and events


Some big names are hiring in the industry, which is good news for aspiring professionals. The list is impressive, with names such as Amazon, Blizzard Entertainment, Riot Games (League of Legends fame), ESL, and Twitch. The roles include software developers, marketers, content creators, and more. There are many options for gamers too because some leading governing bodies now recognise the sport. Competitive gaming will be a medal event at Asian Games 2022 and the Olympic organizing committee is considering it as a demonstration event for Paris 2024.


Gaming Professionals

India: INR 60,000 – INR 540,000 per annum | UK: £ 126,041 per annum

Gaming Programmers

India: INR 493550 per annum | UK: £27241 per annum

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