In this series, we are going to look at the financial support available to athletes from different universities. Especially when following a sports career, it can be difficult to fund both studies and athletic pursuits. Therefore, many universities offer talented and promising student-athletes financial aid through scholarships. In this article, we are going to be looking at University of Nottingham. 

The University of Nottingham is known for its sporting success. Therefore, the university offers its student-athletes a wide variety of scholarships. These aim to give Nottingham athletes the best support possible, to reach both their academic and sporting potential.   

The main sporting scholarship on offer consists of 3 levels; Bronze, Silver, and Gold.   

  • Bronze = £1000 per year 
  • Silver = £4000 per year 
  • Gold = £8000 per year 

Also included in the packages are: 

  • Access to all Nottingham facilities 
  • Strength and conditioning training 
  • Physiotherapy  
  • Performance lifestyle (mentoring) 
  • Nutrition 
  • Sport psychology 
  • Anti-doping advice 
  • University of Nottingham sports kit 

To be eligible for one of these excellent opportunities, athletes must compete at an academy, national or international level. This must be demonstrated through evidence of outstanding potential. Students must also ensure that they have been accepted onto a University of Nottingham course and be studying at least 60 credits a year.  

The university also has other specialist scholarships on offer.  

In 2013, the university launched its table tennis and badminton scholarship for Chinese international students. The award came about after the success of Deng Yaping’s achievements, a former student of the university.   

The university aims to give athletes with disabilities the best possible opportunities within the elite disability sports world. Therefore, they are encouraged to apply for funding. The university has appointed a dedicated disability sport officer to give disabled athletes comprehensive and personalized support.  

For international students competing in high-level sport, the university offers £5000 towards tuition fees. This is separate from the bronze, silver, and gold awards and is only awarded to 10 students per year.  

For swimmers, the university has formed a partnership with the elite swimming club Nova Centurion. It offers the chance for 7 swimmers and para-swimmers to receive a scholarship award. This entitles athletes to regular training in a 50-meter pool, speedo training kit (worth £1500) and access to the Nova Centurion performance swim program.  

Finally, the university offers £200 annually to either undergraduate or postgraduate students that have made a real difference to sport at the University of Nottingham. 

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